What is offering?

Reading comments might not be an effective way to help because students in different colleges usually have their own strengths and weaknesses. However, we believe that students in the same college/major have similar strengths. Viewing statistical information of courses that are sorted by majors is the best way to get you to a perfect sechedule.

Why mycourserating.com?

Because you need a PERFECT schedule! College students are often struggling to get a most valuable and suitalbe course schecules for each semester. Sometimes just need an easy course to fill in your heavy-workloaded schecule; and sometimes you are considering if a course is worth to take.

Progress Bar Overview

Showing the percentages of each level in classes' difficulty and value by providing an overvall voting statistics from all college students

3D Pie Chart

Illustrating the number of votes to a specific option ("worth" as shown on left) by majors

Question, Report, or Other Issues?

Contact us: mycourserating@gmail.com